Governmental Hotline

Our customer service provides information in a wide range of cases by telephone and by e-mail for citizens, entrepreneurships and governmental bodies 24/7. Our priority is to provide quick, accurate and up-to-date information in connection with public administration.

Contact us on the following contacts:

  • From Hungary call:1818
  • From abroad call: +36 1 550 1858
  • Fax: +36 1 550 1819
  • Sms: +36 30 246 6250
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Metropolitan- and county government offices

The metropolitan- and county government offices (hereinafter: government offices) are the territorial state administration bodies of the Government with general competences. They are implementing government functions at territorial level, and carrying out general state administration powers towards the customers. Government offices - led by government commissioners appointed by the Prime Minister – are operating in each counties and the capital city of Budapest. Government offices have a wide range of tasks and competencies covering policy areas from education management to pension insurance and environmental protection. Beside their administrative and coordination tasks, the metropolitan and county government offices are responsible for the legal supervision of the local self-governments as well.

The district offices are integral sub offices of the government offices, and as such they are the lowest level units of territorial state administration. District offices have been operating in 174 districts and 23 metropolitan districts since the 1st of January 2013, when the districts as territorial administrative units with a history of hundreds of years were reintroduced. They are administering authority cases directly connected to the citizens, and in this respect they carry out inter alia tasks related to personal data and address register, guardian and child protection and social affairs.

In order to deliver more efficient public services to citizens and enterprises, the district offices are operating integrated customer service offices – so called Government Windows – at more than 300 places all over the country. Government Windows are providing high quality customer service possibilities in more than 2500 types of cases in an easily accessible and barrier free environment.

In addition, offices of government issued documents, customer services for special tasks (e.g. land administration, pension insurance, labour administration etc.) and - in small villages - local case assistants are staying at the disposal of citizens in administering their cases.

In order to extend the customer service activities, Mobile Integrated Customer Service Offices – so called Government Window Busses - are operated in each county of Hungary and in the capital city of Budapest. In the Government Window Busses the same services are available as in the ordinary customer service offices.

The Government Window Busses „bring the administration to the homes” so that citizens living in settlements with no ordinary customer service offices do not have to travel to the one nearest to them. Furthermore, these mobile offices can provide on the spot administration at different public institutions (e.g.: schools, colleges, hospitals, social institutions etc.) and on bigger events, too.